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About the Best Man’s speech

This is a testing speech! It has high expectations of humour, leading to the festivities that follow the formal breakfast. It has dangers and pitfalls, as well as many positive advantages over the other speeches.

The dangers to be avoided are trying to be a stand up comedian. Humorous is not the same as telling a string of jokes. Avoid anything that even gets close to bad taste, inappropriate, un-PC or otherwise 'dodgy' material. Remember the wise maxim: "If in doubt, leave it out." The build-up and thought of the character assassination should be worse than the reality. Avoid any family secrets, or areas that could cause offence.

Now the good news! People want the Best Man to succeed. They have probably drunk a bit, sat too long and want something light and easy to listen to. They are on your side and as such you are already a winner. Enjoy the 6-8 minutes that you have.

What to include in the Best Man Speech

You begin of course with some practicalities.


Introduce yourself, outline what an honour it is to have been chosen for this role. Thank the Groom for his comments to you and the bridesmaids. Remember you speak for them. Outline your relationship with the groom… whether it is friend, relative, brother, childhood friend or something else. Either now or later comment on his wife in terms of how good she looks.

Funny moments

You now have the chance to discuss the groom with particular reference to funny or unusual attributes, traits or experiences. Select two or three events rather than try for a complete month buy month biography. Based on truth, this speech can benefit from the literacy licence to bend reality to suit - up to a point. Think about his character, past, shared experiences, school days, whatever it is that has helped build him into the man he is today. There are many well-used and often over-used techniques to structure this part of the speech. Try and take an approach that is you. It is his day, but your speech. Speak within your personality rather than outside it.  You will find it easier and the audience will be more comfortable supporting you stretching yourself a little, rather than acting an unfamiliar role. You were selected by the groom for the person you are!

Don't forget the Bride

Include the bride a little in your comments, almost welcoming her to the world you have shared with your Groom. It is not usual though to involve the bride in the funny comments as such - save that for the groom. You can however, mention some aspects of their relationship - maybe the early days - find an interesting story, embellish it and enjoy the telling.

Joking apart...

However, finished with the embarrassing bits, bring it back to normality. Do not forget this bit. Re-establish the credibility of the groom. Say some sincere meaningful words about him, his personality and look forward to his continued happiness as a married man or couple.

And finally...

Telegrams are not often part of the ceremony now, but there might be some cards worthy of mention at this point. Indicate to everyone the agenda for the next period of time - then conclude with a suitable and expressive toast. Make sure the toast is well managed and enjoyed.


Sit down and look forward to the final part of your duties - socialising with all the guests and in particular with the bridesmaids.

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