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About the Groom’s Speech

The groom’s speech fits nicely between the the Father of the Bride speech with his sincerity and emotion, and the Best Man speech with his humour and light heartedness. Remember, unless your bride intends to speak, you are speaking on behalf of you both. As with the Father of the Bride speech, there are a few items to begin which helps settle you down, and deal with practicalities. Remember, you are not the Best Man – so do not try and compete, outshine or otherwise negate his speech.

What to include in the Groom Speech

Normally in the groom speech you will begin by thanking the Father of the Bride for his kind words to you, and to his daughter. Thank him and his wife for giving you his daughter’s hand in marriage. A further thank you is made to those helping pay for the wedding, those attending, and a thank you for the wedding gifts.

Your new wife (the bride...)

You now have a little more flexibility on content. You will want to speak in glowing terms about your wife. Mention how you felt when she accepted your marriage proposal, and how wonderful she looks today, and every day.


Your parents and family so far have not had much of a mention by anyone and now is a good time to ensure they are very much included in the groom speech. You are a product of their upbringing, their support and love. Be genuine and let them savour the moment. Thank them for welcoming your wife into the family, and extending their support and love towards her and indeed both of you.

And finally...

Finally, you head towards your conclusion of the groom speech by commenting on the attendants - especially the bridesmaids. Flatter them, make them feel really special and end your speech with a toast to the bridesmaids. Toasts are easy to get right and very easy to get wrong. We will ensure that you get it right!

What happens next?

That is your speech outlined. You then sit and wait for the Best Man’s attempts to humorously humiliate you. Of course there is much more to your speech, which should last about 5 or 6 minutes as a guide.

We will help you write, edit and deliver your speech so that it is something to look forward to at the time, and indeed afterwards when the DVD comes out.

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