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About the Father of the Bride's Speech

I read on some other ‘advice’ site that this speech is easy because it will be forgotten quickly as the other speeches take over. How wrong that advice is, and how sad that people might believe that.

The Father of the Bride speech opens the speech-making part of the day. It should combine some etiquette with emotional and gentle humour. You are honouring your daughter and for many people this might be a rare opportunity to tell her how proud you are that she is your daughter. Let her enjoy hearing this.

What to include in the Father of the Bride Speech

Practicalities first

You should be welcoming and thanking distinguished guests for attending. In particular the Groom's parents and family, those who have played a major part in organising or funding the wedding, and any long distance travellers. These are opening sentiments that are straightforward, and help to settle you down.

Your daughter

Here you can talk about your daughter in terms of your pride, her achievements, their relationship, or any combination of these aspects. In your Father of the Bride speech, talk with emotion, if your daughter and some of the guests feel a little tear - you are speaking to their emotions. Be careful that you don’t become over emotional either through words, or indeed in a way that prevents you from speaking! It is a happy emotional day - not a sad one. We will help find that balance. Remember to add some appropriate anecdotes - notice the word appropriate.

Their Partnership

Finally welcome and say positive things towards the Groom and his family. It is a partnership between your daughter and her husband, but also between two families. It will forge new friendships that should strengthen and develop over time.


You conclude your Father of the Bride speech with a toast to the Bride and Groom. We will hep you manage the toast in terms of the practicalities. Everyone feels more comfortable when the toast wording is simple, the time to say the wording is clear and they are led as if by a conductor. Short final sentences leading to a well managed toast is a perfect end to this opening speech and you can enjoy the applause that will follow and know as you sit down that you have made that special contribution to a wonderful day.

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